"Successful Living With A Medical Illness"

Looking to improve the quality of your life… despite living with a chronic medical illness? It can be done! 


This article, written by world-renowned psychologist Dr. Robert H. Phillips, will provide you with some valuable information, and helpful strategies, all designed to help you to take more control of your life.

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About the author...

Dr. Robert H. Phillips:

  • Founder/Director, The Coping Counselors at the Center for Coping, Long Island, NY
  • Practicing licensed psychologist for more than 40 years
  • Author of more than 40 books and hundreds of articles
  • Speaker at seminars and conferences all over the world on coping with physical ailments and other topics in psychology
  • Board member and adviser to numerous national and local health organizations
  • Host of the “Coping Conversations” radio show, now podcast, for 30 years

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